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After 30 years of writing about and studying the effect of HVT (high vibrational thinking) on every possible range of subject matter, I am proud to announce we have created a therapy method that not only brings a new fresh perspective but also that simplifies many of the often complex aspects of psychology.

HVT enables us to breakdown any problems that you may be having or assess any goals that you want to achieve in a new and unique way.

It gets right down to the nuts and bolts level and this simplified approach gives us clear sight as to the best course of action.

The reason this concept is so powerful is because it shows ‘why and how’ things work and when you know ‘why and how’ it’s much easier to use in whatever capacity you so choose. This understanding also allows you to embody the work more easily and really benefit from it.

Once you know, you know and you can’t just forget.

You are never the same again once the penny has dropped and this changes you in a positive way. This empowers you to be automatically and instinctively more aware of how negative energy operates in your life.

If you want to improve anything such as sports performance for example, there is nothing more effective than HVT. We can show you how to get into the zone of peak performance and how to stay there.

The secret is knowing exactly what takes place at a subatomic level when you enter the zone, the real quantum mechanics of the process. This is what is empowering and this is what enables you to be able to enter the zone at will and stay there giving you the ability to perform more consistently at your very best.

Our method of implementation we have called ‘High Vibrational Mind Therapy’, which focuses on altering or releasing the negative energy (inner resistance) that resides within the individual. The inner resistance that is creating the problems or holding them back from their full potential in the first place.

HVMT works with anything ie: sports, business, personal issues, health problems etc with the same astounding results, it is a new and extremely powerful tool that will revolutionise the world of psychotherapy, personal development and peak performance.

Steve Wharton