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(High Vibrational Thinking)

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms

of energy, frequency and vibration.

-Dr Nicola Tesla

High vibrational thinking is a simple concept; all you have to do is understand that we live in a world where everything is made of energy.

Any scientist or physicist will tell you that nothing is really solid even though it appears to be. Everything is made up from atoms, it’s all energy and all energy is vibrating.

This includes us, we are also not really solid and we are vibrating because we are also made from atoms just like your house, car, shoes, clothes, cat, dog, food, chair, etc.

It’s a world of energy that we live in and it’s all vibrating. You could see the energy particles vibrating if you had a powerful enough microscope. Science tells us that the fastest vibrating energy in our world is love and the slowest vibrating energy is fear. Our world exists within these two parameters.

And as we are made from energy the faster we are vibrating the better we feel, the slower we are vibrating the worse we feel. That means the closer we are vibrating to the energy of love the better we feel, and the closer we are vibrating to the energy of fear the worse we feel.

This is why we say we are ‘buzzing’ or ‘high’ when we feel good and also why we say we are ‘down in the dumps’ or ‘flat as a pancake’ when we feel bad, we are really talking about our energy vibration.

Thoughts, feelings and actions that make us feel good like laughing, honesty, joy, peace, and success are high vibrational, they lift up our vibration, so that’s why we feel happy when our mind is filled with these things.

Thoughts, feelings and actions that make us feel unhappy like anger, jealousy, hate, greed, failure and fear are low vibrational, they drag down our vibration, so that’s why we feel unhappy when our mind is filled with these negative things.

So that’s easy enough to understand, the higher our energy field is vibrating the better we feel and the easier our life will be because all the low vibrational negative stuff exists in the lower vibrations and it can’t affect us when we are ‘high’.

Of course every day is like a roller coaster ride as we whiz up and down the vibrations experiencing lots of different energies, high and low. The trick is to get less upset and drawn in by the low vibrational stuff and it will drag you down less, it will have a less damaging affect if you don’t emotionally buy into it. Then you will spend more of your time in the higher vibrations, it’s all about what’s going on in your mind positive or negative.

Such as, if you feel angry and frustrated because you have just had an argument with somebody you may let it get hold of you and churn over in your mind, this will drag you down and make you feel bad. And when you are in a bad feeling place you will find other things could easily start going wrong.

Whereas if you try to ignore it and let it pass without buying into it, it will hurt you less, drag you down less. Remember the further away you are from the vibration of love the worse it feels and the more difficult your life will be.

High vibrational thinking is about managing your mind to stay in the higher vibrations as much as possible. It’s about being aware of what’s going on in your mind and trying not to engage the negative thoughts and feelings.

Understanding HVT is that simple, teach yourself to stay in the high vibrations where life is great; away from the lower vibrational energies, that’s the secret. When we have no awareness of HVT it is easy to see why many of us get drawn into whatever is going on and as a result get dragged down into the lower vibrational zones.