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(High Vibrational Mind Therapy)

The purpose of HVMT is to begin releasing or transforming into higher vibrational energy the negative energy field (inner resistance) held within the individual through a series of specialised therapy sessions.

Thereby allowing the individual to rise in vibration enabling him/her to perform at a higher level in whatever endeavours he/she may undertake or overcome any problems he/she may be experiencing.

Your inner resistance is your trapped negative emotions that you have collected throughout your life via passed down beliefs, negative experiences and unresolved life issues. 

Whatever your challenge, whether it be under performing in your chosen field of sport or work , or issues that are hampering your life such as depression, drug abuse, lack of motivation, self-harming, alcohol abuse, smoking, bullying, weight issues, lack of confidence, health issues etc we can help.

Our therapy consists of three key parts.

1. Understanding

Step one is to explain to you so that you fully understand through the concept of HVT ‘why and how’ your inner resistance is affecting your life in a particular negative way.

2. Personifying the negative energy

Step two is to personify (for therapy purposes) the negative energy (the inner resistance, the trapped negative emotions) within you that are causing the problem or holding you back, by giving a name to it and also assigning it a visual identity. This helps us to work more powerfully and directly with it when we take you through the visualisation process because your subconscious mind responds more readily to images and feelings.

3. Therapy

Step three is to treat you through a series of powerful vibrationally orientated visualisation sessions designed to get deep into your subconscious mind and do the following:

1. Trace back to the root of the problem and identify when it may have originally occurred and impart the understanding that whoever or whatever may seem to be responsible did what they did without malice and purely because their own particular inner resistance (inner negative energy) subconsciously manipulated them to do so. With the goal being for you to let go of any feelings of blame and truly embody the feelings of forgiveness for yourself for holding on to the negativity and for the people you feel may have been responsible in order to release yourself from the grip and influence of the said emotional negative energy.

2. Meet with then comfort and begin to heal your inner child (subconscious mind) building a solid relationship based on love and not fear.

3. Infuse any negative memories and feelings that surface with the new understanding and change them for compassion based high vibrational memories and feelings thereby allowing the trapped emotional negative energy to be released or transformed.

4. Communicate and reason with the individual’s inner resistance by meeting with the personified character and entering into dialogue designed to tactfully and subtly steer it to the conclusion that there is no longer a need for a presence within the individual, enabling it to loosen its grip and transform into higher vibrational energy or leave the individual altogether.

5. Build a powerful positive energy presence within the individual (in place of the negative energy) which can be specific to any endeavours they may be undertaking, which will increase their self-belief and confidence in the process.

Each area of therapy may require one or multiple sessions depending on individual needs. 

All therapy sessions are designed to individually and collectively, permanently raise the individuals overall vibration by releasing or transforming the trapped emotional negative energy.