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HVT Consultancy




Welcome to our new website, our expertise is HVT (high vibrational thinking) it’s a concept that we originated and have been working with for over 30 years.

We have eighteen books published; seven by two of the worlds leading publishers Hay House and Foulsham and the rest are available on Amazon through our publishing arm HVT Publishing, see our books button for details.

Over the years we have been able to see the incredible difference HVT can make to any subject or problem that it is applied to. You could say it is like positive thinking but with an extra gear that turbo-charges it, taking everything up to a new and more usable level.

And this also means it can be adapted to anything with astounding results. 

If you need motivating, need more confidence, play sports and want to know how to achieve peak performance and more consistently enter the ‘zone’ we can show you how.

If you suffer from depression, lack confidence, want to stop smoking, lose weight, are getting bullied, have drink or drug problems, are struggling with a bereavement, are fighting with anxiety, anger issues etc we can help.

If you have financial issues and need more money in your life we can change your money mentality permanently and this will allow money to come more easily into your life.

If you are in business HVT is an absolute must whether it’s sales, customer service or increasing your overall revenue.

There really is nothing like HVT, it is totally empowering and will powerfully change your life in any way that you want it to. 

In a nutshell HVT takes away what is holding you back, unleashing you to achieve your potential and we all have something holding us back, it is called our inner resistance, the trapped negative emotional energy that we all carry within, which we have collected through our life experiences. 

Everybody needs 'High Vibrational Mind Therapy' for some reason, 

you just have to decide what yours is.